Lisa Cast in National Commercial

Lisa was cast in her first National Commercial- a promo for the new Fox series ‘The Following’, starring Kevin Bacon. In this eerie commercial spot produced by IKA Collective, Lisa plays the principal role of a loyal serial-killer follower/ college student. Look for Lisa this Fall on Fox!following_girl640_s640x427

Lisa Cast in new web series ‘The Thing’

Lisa is thrilled to be cast in the new web series ‘The Thing’, created by Marc Palmieri. (Miramax’s ‘Telling You’ and ‘Levittown’ playwright). She plays a religious, naive playwright in this brilliantly written comedy. Check out the Series’ website:

Still from Episode 3 of 'The Thing'

Still from Episode 3 of ‘The Thing’

Lisa cast in new webseries ‘Off-Off’

Lisa was cast in the role of Sammie, the shy and quirky stage manager in Stephen Bittrich’s new comedic web-series ‘Off-Off’, written about a struggling Off- Off Broadway Theatre group. Check out the series’ website: and this offoffstill from one of the episodes.