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"The Girl (Lisa Peart) is appealing and natural"

-- John Lithgow, reviewing 'Duck... Love' as a panelist at Samsung Fresh Films Competition

"Peart's Olivia is having wedding jitters, but have you ever seen a bride-to-be so jittery she morphs into the cast of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit? It was a charming piece, thanks largely to the adorable pair of Peart and Cox, with their winning and energetic performances."

-- Peter Sanderson's review of 'Beyond A Reasonable Doubt'

"From the Supporting cast, Lisa Peart, channeling Joan Cusack, makes the biggest impression as Phyllis, the Prudish member of the congregation."

-- reviewing 'Marty & Doug's New Religion'

"Among the film's supporting players, Lisa Peart leaves the strongest impression as a young woman whose caricature of the easily influenced follower is both funny and a little sad because it's almost spot on perfect."

-- The Independent Critic's review of 'Marty & Doug's New Religion'

"There are lively performances from their fine supporting cast, with standouts including Lisa Peart (who reminded me of a young Julie Hagerty) as the spinsterish Phyllis."

-- (review of 'Marty & Doug's New Religion')

"Kudos go to Lisa Peart, who does nice work in her role as the bookish Phyllis."

-- Blogcritics Video review of 'Marty & Doug's New Religion'

"The Shiek has some genuinely funny look at the secretary in a fringed Buffallo Bill bikini, and they're over the moon."

-- Rachel Saltz, The New York Times

"The Shiek has a strong cast. Lisa Peart plays Jack's love interest, (the ditzy secretary, Patsy), with a clueless accuracy."